"The idea was, and is, to give all people, regardless of origin and background, the opportunity to be free and to create a second pillar"


- Hans Matousek, Cofounder & Evora CEO

A family-owned & operated company SINCE 1977...


EVORA is an international, family-founded & operated company based in Großwallstadt, Germany. From the beginning, Hans & Karin Matousek sought to share their passion for cosmetic & wellness products created by combining the highest quality ingredients with meticulous management of all facets of product production.


EVORA has never animal tested their products! Additionally, the family refuses to harm the planet with their high-quality products, or within their international supply chain to their importers & distributors. 


EVORA will always stand for accountable corporate sustainability practices that cause no harm to our customers and/or our planet; continue to offer incomparable stellar service to our business partners while sharing our passion to provide the premier, highest-quality product so all may share the opportunity for "a beautiful life!"