This is an Evora product, made in Germany, where nature and the newes technology comes together to create perfection

A unique luxury leyer - so precious,Like your skin.EVOCELL CAVIAREYE  CREAM Gently relieves unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.EVOCELL CAVIAR EYE CARE   Active Ingredients: Caviar; Gold;Honey; Immucell.

Effects: Optimizes the moisture content;Stores moisture; frosted; tightens; Protectsagainst environmental pollution;Regenerates stressed skin.Application: In the morning after a thoroughrise, apply cleanser to face and neckline.

Gently relieves unwanted wrinkles around the eyes by intense rehydration and skin cell nourishment. It also creates a barrier to protect skin from environmental stressors. 

EvoCell Caviar Eye Care

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  • Cavair, Gold, Honey & Immucell.

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