This is an Evora product, made in Germany, where nature and the newes technology comes together to create perfection

Moisturizing & modeling cream for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Gently and effectively offers sustainable results with continued use. Reduces "tired eyes," relieves eyelid swelling, wrinkle reduction with continued use; skin tightening related to intense skin cell rehydration, retains moisture permanently. 

Active Ingredients: Protective QUICKLIFTTM;Protective EYESERYLTM; 3x Hyaluronic Acid;Grape Seed Oil Effects: Anti-tired eyes; Relieves swelling of theeyelids; Wrinkle-reducing; Tightening; Providesand retains moisture permanently. Application: Apply morning and evening to the cleansed ey area

Hyaloronic Eye Cream

SKU: 1313
  • QUICKLIFT™, EYESERYL™, Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid (3x that of most competitors); Grape See Oil.

  • Aplly morning and evening to clean skin around eye. Be careful to not get into eye. Do not remove so product absorbs and works most effectively.