This is an Evora product, made in Germany, where nature and the newes technology comes together to create perfection


Never have "tired eyes" again - a roll-on applicator massages the eye area during applicaiton to reduce swollen eyes and begin reduction of dark circles. 

Active Ingredients: Protective QUICKLIFT TM;Protective EYESERYL TM; 3x Hyaluronic Acid;


Effects: Anti-tired eyes; Fights against swellingeyelids; Anti-eye rings; Roll-on applicatorfor a pleasant massage; tightening;Provides and retains moisture permanently


Hyaloronic QUICKLIFT™ RollOn Eye Serum

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  • QUICKLIFT™, EYESERYL™, Concentrated Hyaluronic Acids (3x that of most competitors). 

  • Apply morning and evening by utilizing 1-2 "clicks" of the applicator per eye area. Massage gently with the appliator ball tip. Do not remove allow skin to absorb the pure ingredients into skin for immediate moisturization and reduction in wrinkiling and dark eyes.

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