This is an Evora product, made in Germany, where nature and the newes technology comes together.


Natural "pick-me-up" andpower-drink with the additionof honey for an improved taste


The special thing about Aloe Vera:Aloe Vera has been considered a miracle of nature for over 5,000 years.The Egyptians and the legendary Cleopatra combined their useWith the pursuit of physical beauty. The GreekDoctor Dioscordes used the Aloe Vera because of its health-Promotional properties. Mahatma Gandhi contended for Aloe Vera, not only as food, but also for purification.Today the aloe vera plant is making a comeback. The modernscience assumes that the balanced relationship of mineral substances, trace elements, and vitamins improve comfort and ensure a healthy body change


ALOE VERA Juice with Honey 6-PACK

SKU: 2021