This is an Evora product, made in Germany, where nature and the newes technology comes together to create perfection

Sleep well... as the powerful active ingredient Argireline™ in Evora's Skin Control Lift Capsules relaxes the face muscles while tightening the skin and reducing visible wrinkles. Sustainably fights wrinkles. Wrinkle reduction and intense skin cell hydration for velvety-soft skin & radical wrinkle reduction. Hyaloronics add an extra layer of extreme moisturization, hydration & skin tightening.

30-day course, used nightly, after face cleaning for maximum result. 

Skin Lift Control Capsules - 14.5g/.03 lbs - 30 capsules

SKU: 1301
  • 30 days, every night, for optimum results. After cleansing your face for bedtime, apply 1 capsule on face and avoid eyes.

    * Be sure to take before, during and after pictures of use to share with your friends. 

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